Pet Food Bank

No pet should have to go hungry. And no one should have to choose between feeding themselves or feeding their pets. Hard times can happen to anyone, and with pets in the family there are more bowls to fill when money is tight.

And thats why we have partnered with Pets at Home Solihull and Blue Cross to provide a Pet Food Bank to our community. If you’re struggling to afford food for your dog, cat, or small pet, we’re here for you and will be happy to welcome you, without judgement.

We can help you with pet food and potentially other items including bedding and litter, stock dependant.

We welcome donations of food or money for our pet food bank. Each and every one will help keep pets with their loving families.

With our partnership with Pets at Home Solihull we have a donation station in their store. All donations collected in Pets at Home Solihull will come to us to be distributed.

Who can use our Pet Food Bank?

Anyone struggling to feed their pets can get help from our pet food bank. We understand that coming to a food bank can be difficult. We won’t ask you for a voucher or proof of need, and our team will welcome you without judgement.

How to get pet food?

Easy, simply fill in a food parcel request form here, and mention in the Aditional Information box on the form that you need pet food, and what you need. Because we rely on donations, we can’t guarantee we’ll have stock for all pets at all times, so it may be best to reach out to us prior to check if we have what you need.